Neil Live

I'm a Southern California-based keyboards player, well-versed in session playing on stage and in studio, touring, gigging, composition, arranging, recording, and producing, with experience covering a wide variety of studio, concert, and movie/video/ad scoring projects. I can and have played pretty much all styles, including progressive rock, jazz, rock/cover, reggae, blues, classical, country rock, latin, fusion and more, in both cover and original projects. Along with playing acoustic piano, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, clavinet, synths, classical pipe organ, electric melodica, (but NO keytar), and covering anything from strings to oboes to UFO sounds via midi and virtual instruments, I also sing, and play passable rhythm guitar, bass, percussion, and drums (but not at the same time) if coerced. In the music director seat, I know how to rehearse, chart and prep bands and projects to fruition.

My background includes Grove School of Music, Berklee studies, university music schools, past private studies with John Novello, Charlie Banacos, Andy Laverne, T. Lavitz, Charles Lewis (an Oscar Peterson protege), and lots of others. I know my theory, read and write music, and improvise and play by ear fluidly.

= = = I played on an album named in the top 10 of 2007 by OC Weekly, and which was reviewed well in the OC Register with particular mention of keyboards. Have played in most major OC and LA venues.