Life on the drums for Chris began in 1991 when he joined the high school marching band. He went from playing snare drum to playing a whole kit. Originally inspired by the drumming of Tommy Lee, Chris played to many records at home and playing in many garage bands. The possibilities became much more wider when Chris discovered Rush and the Progressive Rock movement of the 70's. The complexity and unorthodox compositions opened a new world to what could be done with music. Chris formed "Prymary" in 1992 and worked on the bands sound for years until the right combination of musicians could be found. In 2000, the band set about writing a proper album which was self financed and released. Released in 2003, the album was a large step forward but failed to generate the critical acclaim the band had wanted.

Around this time, Chris was recruited to play with the band "Redemption" as a session player for a one off show in Atlanta. The success of the show was noticeable and Chris was asked to be a full time member. "Redemption" released their sophomore album in 2005 which garnered critical acclaim. A year later, Chris' band "Prymary" released their sophomore concept album entitled "The Tragedy of Innocence". The band played the Headway Festival in Holland and marked the first European show. The band surpassed their self titled album by leaps and bounds and the album received rave reviews. The album was based around the true story of Chris' wife Valerie, and told a tale of child abuse and drug abuse.

In 2007, Redemption released their 3rd album entitled "The Origins of Ruin". And helped to cement the bands status in the prog metal world. It was a big year as the band headlined the Headway festival in Amsterdam and supported Dream Theater on their North American summer tour. In 2008 ,Chris recorded tracks for the 4th upcoming Redemption album and the band released a DVD of there performance at the ProgPower Festival in Georgia. Chris also got the opportunity to play some shows with "Rocket Scientists" from 2008 to 2009 and a DVD of the bands performance is scheduled for release sometime soon.

The end of 2008 saw Chris play in the Roswell 6 album with a roster of famous progressive musicians. Created by International bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson, the album was the first of its kind based on a book with lyrics written by Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. Based on a fantasy novel written by Anderson, the album was well recieved by the music world. Their is also a new Prymary album scheduled for release in 2009 and a new Redemption album in the works. He is also keeping busy with session work and is always available for other projects.