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PRYMARY is a Progressive Rock/Metal band from Southern California and was fully realized in 2000 with the ideals of having complete musical freedom. This has given the band a distinct chameleon quality allowing them to seamlessly fit in with acts from all genres. The sound created is a mesh of melodic prog metal/rock with an emphasis on musicianship, melody, and complex rhythms.
Prymary is
Jackson Haskett - Vocals
Sean Entrikin - Guitar
Chris Quirarte - Drums
Neil McQueen - Keyboards
Rob Young - Bass

"I think the musicianship on the new Prymary album is the best we have done to date and really showcases the bands strengths," says Prymary drummer Chris Quirarte about the 3rd upcoming studio album. "The musical aspects have always been a part of our sound but I think we have integrated other aspects as well that give us wider appeal. The parts are more concise while still having the grand arrangements we are known for. Another part that I think we have continued to grow on is the emotional aspect that we try show in the lyrics." The eve of their 3rd CD release offers Prymary a moment to reflect on the past and prepare for future shows that the band is preparing to embark on. Prymary hails from Orange County, California, and is influenced by Rush, Tool, Avenged Sevenfold, Dream Theater, and Slipknot. The band humbly began in 2000 and cut there teeth opening for bands like Quiet Riot, Fates Warning, and King's X. In 2003 they produced their debut self titled album and played the ProgPower Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2005, the band travel to Amsterdam, Holland for their first European performance at the Headway Festival. Prymary signed to ProgRock Records in 2006 and released the sophomore concept album, "The Tragedy of Innocence" to rave reviews. The band played live extensively before setting about the task of writing a new album. Entitled "The Enemy Inside", the album is a further refinement of the bands sound, mixing the more adventurous playing with an emphasis on strong, catchy melodies. As Chris explains, "We are all very schooled musically in the band. Rob even graduated from The Musician's Institute of Technology, but I think we wanted to balance the more technical aspects of the band's sound with strong melodies that listener's of all kinds can latch on to." With a commitment to its musical integrity and further accessibility, Prymary is poised for a very busy and productive future. Chris sums up," I think the band is firing on all cylinders right now and we are really on top of our game. The writing, arranging, and the playing is at a really high level right now. We are a band that will always be a work in progress but that will always make us strive harder to achieve our goals."






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